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Congratulations to our new Deputy Director, borisbadinov!

Welcome to the Northern Enterprises wiki. Northern Enterprises is located in London, NorthernEnterprises on the lists. New/Speculative members and people just curious about what type of company Northern Enterprises is should read the Company Regulations page. For more info, please contact Caratacus, loulou, or BenjaminHornigold in game. We also have access to the ERT Teamspeak server and Torigan's Vent server, please contact Caratacus if you're interested in logging into either.

World Map

Company Regulations - A list of our rules and standards, a must read for all members.
  1. Contribution - Quick and dirty guide to contribution. If you're a member, please familiarize yourself with this.
  2. Chat Policy - General guidelines regarding use of company chat.
  3. Dungeon Policy - Generally agreed upon ways of improving dungeon efficiency.
  4. Fleet Policy - Generally agreed upon guidelines for long sea voyages.
Company Relations - Companies that Northern Enterprises has ties with
Member Directory - A list of those in the company with higher production skills in case you're looking.
Contribution List - Our way of keeping track of who has contributed.
Photo Album - A convenient place to check out our company photos.
World Map and Port List - A detailed world map plus a list of port coordinates, useful when trying to find your way.
New Player Guide - A class-neutral page detailing things every player should know. If you're newish to the game, this is a must read.
Acronym Page - Don't know what people mean by SEA, RIB, MCT? Read this page.
Lv. 60 Adventure Cap Guide - The quests and requirements necessary to do the 60 level cap for adventure.
Colony HQ - The current plan and information regarding Wilmington.
Southern Enterprises - The more militant wing of Northern Enterprises. Also our alt company.
Pirating Division - Pictures and stories of NE pirates and their exploits

Production Guides - This section is currently under construction, only the main page and the cooking guide are up to date

Useful Links
UWO Page- This page has server maintenance updates and events, a useful bit of info at times
Wikia Page- Has some good maps and some good guides, but very spotty and unorganized
Olous- Content similar to that of Ivyro, but frequently inaccurate and missing quite a few things. Use Ivyro instead
Japanese Wiki- A translated version of an old Japanese wiki. Sometimes hard to read, but the info is very good
Ivyro- Great website for non-quest information on the game. It's even in English
Tiki- Good resource for finding collection and procurement locations
Atwiki- Foreign language site with landing point maps
Dolmerchant- Foreign language site with good SB part info
Squidoo- Guide for job requirements and quests needed
Jwiki Techs - Direct link to the jwiki page on techs
Pet Info - A gamer.com page listing how to get pets, and favorite [[#|foods]].